Educational Entertainment Group announces the availability of licensing and marketing opportunities for The Giving Coin Project, a new international program to inspire the world to discover their journey in GIVING!

Designed to empower children and adults alike, The Giving Coin Project provides a program which utilizes unique physical one-of-a kind "Giving Coins" AND a special online tracking technology to allow everyone the opportunity to register and track every "Good Giving Deed" as they give away their coins and then monitor their coins "journey of giving!" Please go to for a full description of this exciting project.

Licensing/Sponsorship Opportunities to Include:

1) International Educational Curriculum: Initially distribution of 200,000 coins to students around the world through a "in class" curriculum within  private and public schools.

2) Reality Television Program: "The Coin- a journey in giving"  Featuring life changing stories created by those using The Giving Coin Project. Each episode will highlight special stories as we follow the journey of one coin as it is passed from person to person and how  lives are changed for the better.

3) Commercial Licensing:  Initial offerings will include publishing and gift items including motivational and inspirational gift books, giving coin sets, children's books, and greeting card line.

 Early interested parties have the opportunity to  be involved in unique co-partnership and licensing development opportunities prior to the program's launch.

Additionally there are national and international sponsorship opportunities to promote your company and brand through contributing to the distribution of Curriculums and Giving Coins in
schools throughout the US and abroad.

 We are committed to working with quality Licensors that are serious about presenting a message of inspiration and empowerment as we challenge everyone to begin their journey of giving!

Interested parties may contact Educational Entertainment Group for more information.   Contact: JR Layne  520-336-4067


Licensing and Merchandising Opportunities

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